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Brain Death Resources


Are the brain dead really dead?


Japanese Brain Death Controversy


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Neural Growth Factors

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Philosophy of Mind and Personhood

Persons, Humanity, and the Definition of Death by John P. Lizza

Twice Dead is Margaret Lock's comparison of the adoption of the concept of brain death in Japan and the United States.

Brain Death : Proceedings of the Second International on Brain Death, Havana, Cuba...

Definition of Death: Contemporary Controversies
Editors Stuart Youngner, Robert Arnold, Renie Schapiro. 1999.


The Ethics of Organ Transplants : 
The Current Debate
Editors Arthur Caplan, Daniel Coelho. 1999.



ABC of Brain Stem Death
Harley Pallis. 1999.


Brain Death : Philosophical Concepts and Problems
Tom Russell. 2000.


Death, Brain Death and Ethics
David Lamb. 1996.


Coma and Impaired Consciousness: A Clinical Perspective. 
Ed. G. Bryan Young. 1998.


Confronting Traumatic Brian Injury : Devastation, Hope, and Healing
William J. Winslade. 1999.


Saying Goodbye to Daniel : When Death Is the Best Choice
by Juliet Cassuto Rothman


A Cross-Cultural Look at Death, Dying and Religion. Joan Parry, Angela Ryan. 1995. 


Neuroprosthetics: From Basic Research to Clinical Application.
Biomedical and Health Research Program (Biomed) of the European Union. 1996.


Nanomedicine. Robert Freitas. 1999.


The Cyborg Handbook
by Chris Hables Gray (Editor), 1996.



Defining Personhood.
Sarah Bishop Merrill. 1998.


Reasons and Persons. Derek Parfit. 1986.


Rethinking Life and Death: The Collapse of our Traditional Ethics. Peter Singer. 1996


The Metaphysics of Death. John Martin Fischer. 1993.

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