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Monica Bock and J. Hughes, and their charges Althea and Tristan, are your typical radical, Unitarian-Buddhists in the midst of plenty. They live in the wealthiest state in the wealthiest country in the world, and both secure livelihoods from higher education, the former as a professor, the latter as an administrator. 

Perhaps it's creeping middle-class values, or perhaps the gnawing sense of anomie in late capitalism, but J. has been bitten by the genealogy bug, so these pages are an attempt to map out history, family, heritage, connection, memory, places and times in dusty albums, graveyards, and lots of cousins.

Four Generations of Italian Matriarchal Power

(The photographer, Nickie, being the fourth)



Gallia Co. Ohio
Zanesville Ohio

Fairfield Co. Ohio
Page Co. Virginia

Pittsburgh PA



James A Hughes & 
Mary B. White

Arthur S. Davison &
Ada F. Blake

Benjamin F Wagner &
Margaret J Wertz

Jacob R. Dovel &
Elizabeth O. Morton

William H Bock &
Emilia Sohn

Samuel H Watters 
& Mary Martin

Angelo Menegaz &
Eugenia Secco

Pietro Scavino & 
Erminia Ducci


James A. Hughes & 
Eleanor M. Davison

Russell D. Wagner &
Elizabeth M. Dovel

Richard S. Bock & 
Cora E. Watters

Pietro A. Menegaz & 
Pauline Scavino


James A. Hughes

Yvonne K. Wagner

Darrell R. Bock

Renee M. Menegaz


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