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Name Johannes Koontz
Birth 18 Apr 1706, Niederndorf, Germany
Father Jost Koontz (1674-1731)
Mother Anna Gertrud Reinschmidt (~1685-<1724)
1 Anna Elizabetha Catherine Stoever
Father John Caspar Stoever Rev. (1684-1779)
Mother Gertraudt? (-<1733)
Marriage 25 Jun 1738, Earltown, PA
Children: "Elder" John (1739-1832)
George (1740-)
Notes for Johannes Koontz

History of the Descendents of John Koontz. by Lowell Koontz, 1979

(Copies are still available for $35, checks payable to ÒLowell KoontzÓ 6515 Oakwood Drive, Falls Church, VA 22041,

thought to be the son of immigrant Joseph Cuntz and Anna Gertrud Reinschmidt, married Anna Elisabetha Catherine Stoever, daughter of Reverand John Casper Stoever, Sr. On 25 June 1738 at Earltown, Pa. by Reverand John Casper Stoever, Jr. (Ref. 203, p. 56) (Ref. 202, p. 93)
John born 18 Apr. 1706 Niederndorf, Germany, died after 1745, the last year any records can be found on John and Elizabeth. On 5 Aug. 1745 John of Frederick Co. sold 195 acres of land to Lewis Stephens and Elizabeth surrendered her dower on 6 Aug. (Ref. Fredericls Co. D.B. 1, pp. 227 & 229)
Descendants of our lineage believe the father of John was Joseph Cuntz, as named above, the 1714 Germanna immigrant. Evidence seems to indicate Joseph was John's father but as Joseph's will does not mention his son, John, there is no proof. (Ref. 202, pp. 104 & 105) The evidence that associates John Cuntz as the son of the Germanna immigrant Joseph Cuntz is as follows:

(A) Holtzolaw (Ref. 202, p. 93) lists John born 18 Apr. 1706 in Niederndorf, Germany as the son of Jost Kuntze (Joseph Koontz) and first wife, Anna Gertrud Reinschmidt, the daughter of Martin Reinschmidt of Lower Wilden.

(B) Immigrant Joseph Cuntz is listed with his second wife, Katherina, and his son John Annalis (sic) and Kathrina his daughter (Ref. 209, p. 370) and also a daughter Elizabeth (Ref. 202, p. 93) This establishes the fact Joseph had a son, John, he brought to America. The (sic) indicates that Annalis was not a part of his name at all but was part of his sister's name, Anna Elizabeth, and that the original record was in German and this mistake has been made in translation. (Ref. 17, p. 282)

(C) Johanes Coones or Johannes Cuntz (two different spellings on ship list) age 24 arrived in the port of Philadelphia 30 Nov. 1730 on the ship "Joyce. " Presented to the Court of Philadelphia were the names of 24 Palatines, who with their families made about 52 persons that were imported on the ship "Joyce" from Europe by Captain Atilliam Ford of Boston. (Ref. 201, pp. 37 & 38) This may explain why Joseph Cuntz did not list his son, John, in his will as his son may have returned to Germany before returning to America in Nov. Of 1730.

(D) John married the daughter of John Casper Stoever, Sr. the pastor Of the Hebron Church founded by the 1717 Germanna Colony. John Casper Stoever, Sr. came from Germany via England and Pennsylvania to Virginia, where he had been licensed by Governor Spotswood to become pastor of the Lutheran Church now in Madison Co., Va. but then in Spotsylvania Co. (Ref. 205, p. 62) The Orange Co. W.B. 1, pp. 237-238 lists Elizabeth Catherine Cuntze as a daughter and one of the heirs of Reverand John Casper Stoever, Sr.

(E) Joseph Cuntze's will was dated 18 Oct. 1730 and probated 10 Feb. 1731 Stafford Co. W.B. 1729-48, p. 22 (Ref. 202, p. 93) as Joseph died early in 1731 and was possibly in failing health in 1730. This adds reason to the return of John to America on the ship "Joyce."
It has not been possible to establish that John did return to Europe but in light of the above evidence it is believed that John is, in fact, the son of Joseph Cuntz the 1714 immigrant.
John Cuntz and his wife moved from Pa. to Frederick Co., Va after their marriage. John Koontz of Orange Co. was deeded 195 acres by John Branson of Orange Co. on 23 June 1739. (Orange Co. D B 3, p. 191) This land now is located in Frederick Co., Va. after the change in the boundary (1738-43). While they were living at Opequon, Va. located 4 to 5 miles S.S.W. of Winchester, Va. their son John was born 26 Mar. 1739. (Ref. 203, p. 13) That this John born 26 Mar. 1739 was the later Elder John Counts of the current Page Co. area has been well established by born C. Holtzelaw.
At Jobn's birth in what is now Frederick Co., Va. the sponsors were Casper Stoever (the Uncle), Jacob Neuschanger, and lsfaria Baumann. John and Anna Elizabeth Catherine, his wife, were sponsors at Opequon 29 Apr. 1740 for John, son of Johann Broband. (Ref. 203, p. 13)
"Jacob Neuschwanger, sponsor of the child John Cuntz in 1739 (Later Elder John Koontz), was the son-in-law of Melchior Brumback, the 1714 Germanna colonist. " (Ref. 202, p . 105)
The last appearance of the couple in Frederick records was 6 Aug 1745 when Elizabeth surrendered her dower."
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