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MetaGenethics Sites

bulletGenetics and Philosophy UPenn
bulletGenethics Literature University of British Columbia
bulletGenomics Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
bulletEthics and Human Genetics Georgetown University, Kennedy Institute of Ethics
bulletBiotechnology and Genetic Engineering a transhumanist site

Syllabi and Education

bulletETHEX - Ethical Scenarios Forum, Exploratorium, San Francisco (US)
bulletA Short History of Biotechnology

The Human Genome Project/ELSI

bulletHuman Genome Project
bulletEthical, Legal and Social Implications of the Human Genome Project
bulletHuman Genome Program at DOE
bulletLawrence Livermore's ELSI Human Genome Project page

Gene Therapy and Engineering

bulletNIH Recommendations on Gene Therapy December 1995
bulletThe Holy See on Gene Manipulation
bulletGene Therapy from Eubios Institute
bulletGenetic Therapy Scope Note
bulletPrimer on Human Genetic Engineering
bullet"Embracing Change with All Four Arms: A Post-Humanist Defense of Human Genetic Engineering" J. Hughes PhD

Testing, Confidentiality and Discrimination

bulletGene Screening News from Eubios Institute
bulletGenetic Screening Scope Notes


bullet"No Patents on Life!" Council on Responsible Genetics


bulletEugenics Scope Note
bullet"Public Policy of Eugenics" Eileen Manion


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